Amalia & Mariposa

Since early 2020 we have supported Amalia Mazzarello in her quest to become a professional boxer. Her dream brought her to Munich without a plan or a clue. In many ways Amalia is a perfect match for us, for she is just as multi-faceted as Aqua Monaco: she did not take up boxing until she was 26, and in just two years became one of the best female boxers in Argentina, her home country. Under the alias Luzmilareyes she produces electronic music, and she loves dancing. She does not want to conform to the typical hard-boiled image of the boxing industry, has no intention of being pegged as one thing or another. Colourful and bold, just like Aqua Monaco. “Boxing is part of an artistic expression, has movement, has color and connects me with the environment. It’s an adventure that crosses the world, it’s a bridge to reach my potentials.”


We support her financially, with training wear, and drinks for her training.


Ama’s current record is 32 matches won and 4 lost. One of her wins was against a member of the national team of Argentina (2018) and another against the German national champion (2019–2020).


Ama trains at the Mariposa Boxing Studio in the Munich district of Sendling and is currently representing the Bavarian Boxing Federation.