Aqua Monaco Organic Mixers

Our products are infused with the philosophy of our company: the search for something new in the natural, the sustainable. That is how we managed to keep our tonics and soft drinks free from any conventional additives and flavours as well as citric acid. 100 % certified organic*, vegan, and climate-neutral. In turn, this refusal to use standardised flavours and additives makes every harvest a unique sensory experience. An adventure that begins with the quest for suitable ingredients. We have travelled long and far, to jungles, valleys, mountain peaks, and fields. And thanks to these travels, we can purchase small batches of certified organic fresh and raw materials from the original owners and producers. These materials are then macerated and processed by hand in our lab to transform them into the optimum ingredients for our organic mixers.


We take extra special care to find and select the right cinchona bark to use in our organic mixers. We found what we were looking for in the jungle on the eastern slopes of the Andean Plateau, the Altiplano, in Bolivia. Agronomists who know their way around the place find and harvest the bark of wild-growing cinchona trees in close collaboration with the locals. They do so carefully by hand. Each harvesting process therefore takes several weeks. Our cooperation also fights for the conservation and reforestation of the jungle. In 2018 we had the chance to attend the harvest in person, and ever since then we have supported the farmers as part of our Good Monaco social initiative.

We found ginger from the Peruvian Highlands to be the most aromatic. Its intense, flavourful, naturally spicy taste has won us over completely. So we have devised a cold-pressing procedure specially for this root from the highlands which allows us to win not only the juice but also the ginger purée and extract we need for our recipes. In 2019 we had the chance to travel to Peru to meet the organic ginger farmers in person and accompany them to the fields.